Questions about Lockout/Tagout

WCDs are needed for all kinds of system operation modes, that is, in operational mode, as well as for stoppages and revisions. As such, you can create and modify WCDs at any time.
Yes, you can use plant-specific number ranges for each WCM object. You can assign different number ranges to the Operational WCDs and the WCD templates.
If the technical objects are assigned to an operational class, you can reduce the range of possible operational conditions for these technical objects and avoid incorrect entries.
With the multi-line display, you can display all the relevant data for an item without having to scroll to the right. This is an advantage when maintaining items.With the single-line display, you have more items on a page. This is an advantage when switching large Operational WCDs. As a rule, a lot of the item data is of secondary importance during switching.
For the train (WCD header) and switching location (WCD item) fields, you can store default values in the master data of the technical objects. Since these fields are not contained in the standard system, they are appended to the master data via characteristics. The class to be created is called WCM, and contains two characteristics TRAIN and CONTROL with certain technical properties (see also the IMG documentation).The location of the technical object is proposed for the location (WCD item).
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