General Questions

No. Customers currently using Work Clearance Management productively come from a variety of industries; they are utility companies, service providers, companies in the oil, gas, and mining industries, and companies in the public sector.
Yes, we have reference customers all over the world.
Yes, a mobile application for operational lists is available from ERP 6.0.
Yes, you can choose from a range of customer-specific enhancements starting in enhancement package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0.
Since Release 4.6C, WCM has been delivered as part of SAP ERP. However, WCM is a separate component of the SAP price list.
In WCM, list processing is used during processing of all WCM objects. If you often use the same selection criteria to create lists, you can save these criteria as selection variants, which have special naming conventions. These selection variants are then proposed automatically when you call up the transaction.
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