Company Profile

WCM GmbH was founded in March 2008 in Walldorf (Baden), i.e. in the heart of the „German Silicon Valley“.

Our company focuses on SAP software that handles safety-related processes in plant maintenance. During our many years of experience at SAP in areas such as development, consulting, and product management, we were able to play a key role in developing the Enterprise Asset Management application in the SAP ERP business solution. We were particularly influential in the development of SAP's Work Clearance Management component.

In the mid-nineties, we prepared the design and architecture of Work Clearance Management together with four leading companies from the energy sector. This has laid the foundations for the development of a component being able to meet market requirements.

Both during our times at SAP and afterwards as our own company, close connections and cooperation have been set up with numerous customers, thanks to which we have been able to incorporate a wealth of experience and new requirements from productive use into continuous enhancements of the SAP standard solution. Doing so, we have covered safety-related processes not only in the energy sector, but also for many other asset-intensive industries.

Today, our company mainly offers the following services for SAP's Work Clearance Management component:
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